Directions to Avalon Assisted Living Community Fitchburg, WI

Avalon Assisted Living Community
2879 Fish Hatchery Rd
Fitchburg, WI 53713
Phone: 608-807-0325

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Driving Directions:

Follow these easy driving direction to reach our Fitchburg, WI memory care and assisted living community:

From West Side of Madison /Middleton Area

  • Merge onto US-12/US-14 East towards Madison.
  • Take the South Fish Hatchery Rd exit, EXIT 260A.
  • Turn slight right onto Fish Hatchery Rd
  • Follow "Once on Fish Hatchery" directions below

From Sun Prairie/East

  • Merge onto US-151 S via the ramp on the left toward Madison.
  • Merge onto I-90 E/I-39 S via EXIT 97A toward Chicago/Milwaukee.
  • Merge onto US-12 W/US-18 W via EXIT 142A toward Madison.
  • Take the South Fish Hatchery RD exit, EXIT 260A-B. Turn slight left onto Fish Hatchery RD
  • Follow "Once on Fish Hatchery" directions below

Once on Fish Hatchery from the Beltline

  • Turn left after the McDonald's and the Car Wash/Oil Change Center 2879 FISH HATCHERY RD
  • Turn into empty parking lot, pass the brick building, half way there will be another set of glass doors which is the entrance of Avalon
  • Arrive at Avalon Assisted Living Community

From South Fish Hatchery

  • Turn right at the Avalon Sign before McDonald's and across from BMO Harris Bank
  • Follow above instructions