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Here at Avalon Assisted Living Community we are always on the lookout for individuals who, like us, have a positive attitude and enjoy working with seniors. For most of our employees a job at Avalon Assisted Living Community is more than just a job, it's a career. If you're someone who wants to make a career of caring for some of the most interesting people you'll ever come into contact with, we would love to meet you.

Avalon Assisted Living Community offers competitive wages as well as excellent benefits for our employees. We offer you the best benefits we possibly can and hope that you'll show your appreciation by working hard with a positive attitude. Additionally, we recognize our all-star employees on a regular basis because everyone deserves to know when they are doing a good job.

If you know how to make the best out of every situation, while remaining both professional and realistic, a career in senior care at Avalon Assisted Living Community in Fitchburg may be just the right path for you.

Avalon Assisted Living Community

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Avalon Assisted Living Community offers great employee programs

Employee Retention Programs

Welcome Home to New Team Members

Belonging begins by knowing one another well. Our Welcome Home new team member experience allows each person the opportunity to learn about our Mission, Vision, and Values, and to discover for themselves the reasons they are inspired to work in an resident-directed environment where residents rule, and team members rock! We foster a culture of caring where we care for the residents and for one another. We also recognize that it is important to allow the residents to care for us. Our golden rule is, "Do unto those you work with as you would have them do unto the Residents." We have extraordinary standards of service and character. Our Welcome Home experience reinforces the role of each person in developing relationships that make each day at work meaningful and joyous.

Joy, Independence, Wellness (J.I.W.) Team

Our mission is creating environments where moments of joy, independence, and wellness are the focus each and every day. Our team members are empowered to promote teamwork and a spirit of celebration through the J.I.W. team. The team honors and respects one another through a positive and productive work environment committed to the mission of joy, independence, and wellness. The team organizes birthday and anniversary celebrations, holiday parties, fund raisers for local charities, and may even produce an employee newsletter. They also coordinate a co-worker recognition program, where they can anonymously or in person write and post words of praise and thanks to team members who are living the mission. Our teams work very hard, and they play hard too!

Ridgetips - team member suggestions welcome!

We are a member of the Ridgeline Management Company family, which manages properties in several states. Ridgeline recognizes that those who are working the closest with the residents may have the most innovative ideas. Ridgetips provides each team member the opportunity to make a suggestion for employee retention or recognition, cost savings, resident satisfaction, or community promotion. Our suggestions may be implemented as best practice throughout all Ridgeline properties across the United States. If the suggestion is for our community specifically, it is reviewed for recognition and implementation here.

Koepp Attendance Award

The Koepp attendance award was inspired by a Ridgetip from Marilyn Koepp. She suggested that employees like her, who had worked 11 years without missing a day of work, always worked her schedule, was never late for work, and had a positive spirit, should be rewarded in some way. This Ridgetip was implemented in all Ridgeline Communities. Team members that have 3 consecutive months with no unscheduled absences or time off, and who clock in timely, and who have the J.I.W spirit (live the mission), are eligible for a bonus equivalent to 8 hours of pay!

Ridgeline Rock Star

The Ridgeline Rock Star is an award given quarterly. One person from each of the Ridgeline Management Company communities is nominated based on their work ethic, commitment to residents and one another, and their J.I.W. spirit (living the mission of Joy, Independence, and Wellness). The president of Ridgeline, LisaAnn Shelton, sends a personal letter of acknowledgment to each employee to their home; they also receive a Ridgeline Rock Star t-shirt and certificate. All of the nominations are reviewed by LisaAnn and her team, and pictures of the nominees are posted in the Ridgeline Management office. One person in the company is selected each quarter as the Ridgeline Rock Star, and LisaAnn presents the award in person, along with gifts and personal appreciation. Ridgeline Management recognizes the incredible work being done in the communities.